Welcome To BioProtean Labs

We are a new lab at the School of Biological and Health Systems Engineering at Arizona State University. Our work is about a lot of things, but I’m driven by some core concepts.

Interaction: Living systems aren’t static. Biology, for us, is about finding and engaging with the dynamism of life. Understanding is not passive. We study life by building and creating with it and whether the result is science or art is up to the beholder.

Complexity: Organisms are greater than the sum of their parts. To respect this rare truth, I strive to reduce biology as little as possible experimentally and accept the unknown into the process of discovery. I also struggle to describe complex biological systems, a language demanding both math and poetry.

Naiveté: We don’t pretend to know what we’re doing and nor do we expect anyone else to. Our lab stumbles across disciplines and embraces unpopular methods, because you can’t know where the best ideas come from and you are less likely to find what you are looking for than fall backwards into something amazing.


What are the molecular circuits that build and maintain our brains?


Tools for functional molecular imaging.


Intuitive explorations of biology, and how we interface with the environment.