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The Big Brain

MIT celebrated their 100th anniversary of relocating to Cambridge with a parade across the Harvard bridge. I was asked to put together a project for the McGovern Institute and a giant brain seemed like the obvious choice. I used an MRI of a student and did the whole thing on a CNC for the rest of the institute to paint and assemble.

There is inherent value to changing your perspective and challenging your perspective. Whether it is a project to build community, a means to play with a concept or simply escape to an inner world, art has always been a part of my practice.  It doesn’t have to make sense!

This is a picture of a cabbage.

Prosthetic Aesthetics

I think a lot about how plastic the brain is and became fascinated by the idea of how a human would move with superfluous prosthetic limbs. I can never get trained dancers to go along with my schemes, but I found some interested volunteers. I had no budget so everything was made from construction scraps and stylized around bones I sketched at the Natural history museum and Shinya Tsukamoto’s cult film “Tetsuo the Iron Man.” Just to make them more fantastical I also ran propane effects through them. (Yes this was a Burning Man project.)

Avex and Image Node

A long term collaboration with interactive media artist Todd Polenberg resulted in a lot of LED based light sculptures. This particular one features music made from field recordings of my MRI system.