An interview with WBUR on my work with Prof. Alan Jasanoff.
(I repeat a trope about your brain being 90% glia that has been refuted. It’s more like 70%.)

-My lab assays the diverse molecular signaling of whole living animals, using engineered probes, reporters, and sensors.

-We celebrate new approaches and different ways of thinking in a supportive and inclusive environment.

-Our primary application is the development and degeneration of the mammalian brain. The interplay of diverse cell types influenced by metabolism and inflammatory states makes the brain the most complex and least understood system in biology.

-We prioritize maximizing the scale of data collection while minimizing invasiveness to resolve organismal biology without disrupting it, and to apply our technologies clinically, if needed.

-Our platform technology is magnetic resonance imaging, the only modality with adequate scale and resolution to cover whole organs and organisms.